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with Lorenzo Capanna ARCHITETTO

The main roundabout of access to the airport area has been emphasized by an artistic structure that fully expresses the multiplicity of the faces of one of the only cities in the world.

The bronze sculpture that stands out and takes the place of a symbolic “gateway” of the city, enhancing its beauty and its values, has a plurality of meanings: from mirabilemaritime republic tothe carnival.
Seen from a distance looks like a chrysalis ready to open up to give birth to a butterfly, but walking up to the masterpiece you can appreciate the pure“synestheticdecostruttivizzation” of a face.
The work represents the many faces of Venice, which together with the irregular stony clusters of varying size lapping a water-blade forced by a Corten steel ring.
All this gives rise to spontaneous The natural reference to 'lagoon environment in which the city is inserted, his relationship with the water on the one hand exalts while on the other imprisons her.
The main lighting provided by box elements in corten of height of 7m and the spectacular of the light rings are inserted into the round street furniture intended as declination of main work.

Gabriele Squartecchia ARCHITETTO